We are a collective of freelancers that are passionate about telling beautiful & engaging stories.

We are a team of people with broad knowledge about film production & content creation.


The world is changing and therefore the way of communication must follow. Consumers are looking for brands that bring value and transparency.

The strategy or concept must be relevant and effective. In addition, it must be produced in such way that ROI is measurable and the content is optimized to the correct audience. We truly believe in sustainable and creative communication.


We start by defining your needs and then starting the suitable process. Primarily we use two different production processes – to meet your results effectively.

High-End Productions

This process is used for projects with a higher level of ambition. Longer time frames and bigger budgets. Often we collaborate with agencies or management. We work closely together to give you the best reslults.

Content Factory

Moving and static content that can be produced fast and cost-effective. Usually we can deliver in three days. For that we need a clear brief, which we can develop together with you. Next you will recieve a plan and cost estimate.

Also possible to to convert into a monthly retainer, where we produce X-number of units per month for a fixed cost. Contact us for more information.

Creative Meeting

An initial meeting where we define your vision, purpose, target groups and your goals.


We present an idea/pitch to you with included quotations and production plan.


In this stage we prepare everything needed to start shooting. We produce everything from script/treatment, storyboard, to searching location and finding the right cast for the project. After that we take a pre-production meeting where we go through all the details before the shoot so that everyone is on the same page as how the production will be carried out.


Our production team starts the project and creates all the footage needed.


In this process we finalise the film/content with edit, music, visual effects and so on.


Together with you, we analyse the results, impact and goals that were in the brief.